Who We Are

Defending Life With Love!

Our Mission

Our mission is to safeguard and assure the well-being of the newborn life and the dignity of the mother. We work to provide support and resources to protect and nurture the lives of mothers and their children. Defending Life with Love!

Our Vision

Our vision is to support women as they develop into the role of a mother. Through our workshops and mentoring program, we offer a path forward. The growth experienced at Mater Filius allows for a new and healthy lifestyle. 

Our Values

At Mater Filius, we discover the value that you have as a human being; you know the greatness that is within you and you have the ability to love and be loved.


from our mothers

“When I came into Mater Filius, my life was a wreck.  I said I wanted to become independent and to be able to live with my kids without needing support from other people in my life. I think one of the best things Mater Filius has to offer is the doula program. My doula, Lisa, came into my life at a very low point and she will forever be my “personal therapist.” Having that one person who is just your support is great and something I never had before in my life. After my daughter was born I was able to enroll her in the Early Childhood Learning Center with my other two daughters.

 What I learned at Mater Filius is that every woman has a different path, and the volunteers there will meet you where you are at. I moved out of Mater Filius last August. It is a relief to know I can drop off my kids there in the Early Childhood Learning Center and not think twice about whether they will be taken care of or not. Mater Filius is truly a blessing and the best Google search I ever made.”

– Hailey

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Sophias testimony Benjamin

“Growing up in a broken home wasn’t easy. I wasn’t taught how to love or care for another person. My trust for people has always been low.  I was so lost when I came to Mater Filius. I had hit rock bottom. It takes love, kindness and the grace of God to be able to take in a total stranger and love them like your own child.

 Mater Filius didn’t only teach me how to be a mother and an independent person. They not only taught me to love myself, but also to see myself as a child of God. There are so many benefits to Mater Filius, and I don’t know what I would do without them.”

 – Sophia and Benjamin

from our volunteers
Karen Ryan Volunteer Testimony

About a year ago, I had a strong sense that the Lord was calling me to serve. A dear friend mentioned that she was a Mentor at the Mater Filius house and that they were looking for volunteers, I said yes. The Mater Filius House has been a blessing. I have met many courageous women who in difficult situations have said yes to Life. This volunteer opportunity has taught me a lot about the sufferings of others. Many of these women just need to know that they are loved, and supported and I am proud to be a part of an organization that truly is the Face of Christ in the lives of these women.

— Karen

Meet Our Staff

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Steve and Anne