Feel Safe.

At Mater Filius of Nebraska we provide continuous care and support for you and your baby at no cost.

Facing an unexpected pregnancy and scared?

Call us today for homeless and pregnant help in Omaha, Nebraska, and schedule a tour of our facilities!

Homeless and Pregnant Help

Mater Filius of Nebraska is a nonprofit, Catholic apostolate located in Omaha, NE committed to helping women facing an unexpected pregnancy who find themselves without housing or emotional support.  We offer a tranquil home, assistance with healthcare appointments, transportation, spiritual care, nutritious, self-prepared meals, access to child enrichment and a path to independence. We acknowledge that families do better when they stay together! Your children under 5 are welcome to live here as well.

At Mater Filius of Nebraska, we Defend Life with Love! You and your baby will receive continuous love and support during your stay and be well-supported after you leave our home. Our Early Childhood Learning Center and Lighthouse Preschool are available to the children of all residents and graduates.

Call us today to receive homeless and pregnant help and tour our home. Your future starts now!



We offer a safe, tranquil home for you and your children. We believe in keeping families together.

Caucasian beautiful mother take care of baby boy toddler in kitchen. Happy family, Attractive loving mom cook and feeding healthy foods to little kid son infant while sit on chair for lunch in house.


Through love, workshops, and life skills training, we help you toward a path of independence. We Build You Up!


Throughout your journey, you will receive a mentor to walk with you and help you develop a path. Our house moms and workshop leaders are also here for you.



We believe that health is not just physical health. We want you to be healthy in spirit, mind and body.


Mater Filius of the United States National Conference

Mater Filius of Nebraska hosted The First Annual Mater Filius of the United States National Conference on Aug. 27-29, 2021. The theme for the conference was “Fidelity to the Mission”. We had many great speakers and got to know each other. We were blessed to have Miriam, José Manuel, and Majo from Mexico join us along with representatives from Miami, Dallas (virtually), Cincinnati, and Colorado Springs. Thank you to all who donated their time and treasure to make this a successful event.